Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most common queries that prospective tenants have - if your question is not covered here please call us on 01202 631700 and we will be happy to help. Or contact us via email at

  • Besides my rent, what other charges should I consider?

    Contents insurance against Fire and Theft, Consequential Loss Cover, and Public Liability. Firefighting equipment compliance, 
    Purbeck District Council rates,
    Waste Disposal (other than cardboard, paper and wrapping plastics.) 
    Consumables where used.

  • What facilities are available, if needed?

    • Royal Mail Delivery, Monday to Friday
    • Paper Shredder machine - FREE.
    • Electricity - Metered individually, invoiced monthly. 
    • Conference Room - FREE
    • Toilets and Washroom facilities

  • How do I arrange a viewing?

    Just give us a ring on 01202 631700 Monday to Thursday 9a.m – 4.30p.m. (Fridays: 9a.m. – 1p.m.) or e-mail us anytime.

  • Can I come and go as I please at any time?

    Yes. Each unit holder has 24 hours a day, seven days a week access.

  • How do I go about reserving a unit?

     We recommend a visit first. Then, when you have decided to proceed, just let us know yourintention and we will arrange the formalities here straight away. We would normally give you a copy of our standard lease to take away and consider, or show to your legal advisor.
    If it is not convenient or possible to take up occupation immediately, your unit can be reserved for you upon payment of 10% Deposit - for a maximum period of 8 weeks - by which time the Lease must have been signed, or the deposit will be forfeited.

  • Do you require a deposit, and how much is it?

    Yes, a Refundable Deposit is required, amounting to 10% of the first year’s rental, which is retained by us until you leave. The Deposit is then normally refunded unless there are any outstanding monies due, or the unit is damaged and requires repairs etc.

  • How do I go about negotiating and signing the lease?

     Very simply. The Standard Lease is signed and witnessed "across the desk", the 10% refundable deposit is paid, and the Standing Order Mandate is completed and signed.
    And that’s all there is to it.

  • How is the rent to be paid?

    The rent is payable monthly or quarterly by Standing Order Mandate. (This is prepared at the time of signing the lease and then processed by Romany Works Business Park Management.)

  • How do I organise phone installation?

     Direct with British Telecommunications plc.

  • Can I share my unit with another company?

    Generally, no. Unless it is a directly associated Company – in which case come and talk to us.

  • What is in my unit when I move in?

      First floor units are generally carpeted; ground floor units have hard wearing resin painted floors.Suitable, smart lighting is supplied – (but replacements are the tenant’s responsibility when they burn out.) A minimum of two sets of double single phase sockets are supplied. Each unit is decorated and gloss painted before occupation by a new tenant.

  • What can I do to customise my unit?

    You can install approved 3 phase power – but you must advise the landlord in advance,of loading capacity required. Partitions, shelving, can all be set up as required – provided that they conform with current Fire and Health & Safety Regulations. Sinks and water services can be installed if there are suitable drain facilities available – please check with the landlord.

  • How long is the lease for?

    3 years – but with 12 month mutual break points.